Are You Thinking About Joining eXp Realty?

We have been in your shoes trying to make a decision, what's next? What is best for my business? What is another firm like? Will I be more profitable? What is the best fit for the future of real estate? While we cannot give you your path, we can provide you with an overview of our experience plus additional information on who eXp is, in the hopes that it help you along your journey.

When we were developing a path for our business, we considered multiple options from staying with our current brokerage firm, opening our own firm, or joining another firm. After a lot of considerations, we decided the best option for our business was to join eXp.

In our assessment, eXp had a better profitability model for us than either joining a local franchise or starting an independent firm. The added costs of overhead (buildings, upper management, etc.), franchise fees, document handling and storage fees, software, etc., etc. just made the later two options look unattractive (and less profitable).

Access to cutting edge tools was also very important to us in our decision. Unfortunately, these tools can be cost prohibitive to a small business/franchises. By joining eXp we became part of an international organization with access to cutting edge real estate tools at a relatively low cost as the costs are spread over thousands of agents.

Once we arrived at eXp we discovered an added bonus! That was, our business now has multiple pathways to profitability, from stock ownership to a revenue share program. These pathways can make a lot of difference to a small business, such as ours.

Our attraction to eXp is probably best summed up by the following description of eXp in the 2019 Annual Report.

"eXp Realy is a leading, rapidly growing, cloud-based international real estate brokerage company. We disrupt from within the traditional real estate markets in which we operate for the benefit of agent and brokers through innovation, use of cloud-based technology, and development of a world-class agent and broker attraction and retention practices. We generate revenue primarily by serving as a licensed broker for the purpose of processing residential real estate transactions, from which we earn commissions. The Company in turn pays a portion of the commissions earned to the real estate agents and brokers."

That kind of says it all...

Our Top Reasons for Joining eXp

1. Excellent commission split

2. Opportunity to earn beyond commission

3. Access to cool cutting edge tools to help our clients

4. Transparent organization with goal of agent profitability

5. It just made good business sense!

Are You New to Real Estate?

Check out NB's Questions and Guidance for new agents on selecting a real estate firm.

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