Are You Thinking About Joining a New Firm?

Do you have an EXIT plan for your business? Would you like to have a passive income stream that will pay you each month, and in to your retirement. How would that change your life?

Whether you are a new agent or a seasoned veteran, a team or a brokerage,
let's talk and see if eXp is a good fit for you and your business?

eXp Agents Build Wealth

Through Multiple Levers

Including Commission,

Revenue Share,

and Stock Offerings

Agent Equity Program

eXp Realty offers every agent the unique opportunity to become a shareholder in the company and celebrate the company’s financial success.

Agents can earn equity awards for various achievements, such as closing their first transaction, as well as the opportunity to earn back their yearly commission cap in stock.

Agent Financial Rewards

No desk fees. No royalty fees. No franchise fees. All Agents start at 80/20 split then once they cap keep 100% of their commissions You cap once you pay in $16,000 and participate in one of the industry’s most rewarding agent experiences.

Agents at eXp Realty can receive revenue share from the sales activity of the productive agents they sponsor into the company. Revenue share is paid monthly by eXp Realty and doesn’t reduce agent commission.

Revenue Share

eXp’s revenue share program is different because the company shares 50% of its revenue (Company Dollar) received from each transaction before expenses are removed. This means that agents can financially benefit from “sponsoring” new agents into eXp every time that agent closes a sale that contributes revenue to eXp.

ICON Status Benefits: Receive up to $16,000 ICON Agent Award Once an eXp agent has achieved ICON status, they are always considered an ICON. But, eXp agents can try to qualify for the ICON Award each year during their anniversary year and earn additional stock awards. The ICON also has the ability to earn an additional $4,000 of publicly-traded eXp World Holdings common stock by satisfying the cultural commitment requirement during their ICON Benefit Year. This stock award has a two-year vest period. Stock will be issued and released as long as ICON Agent remains licensed exclusively with eXp Realty at the two-year vesting mark. ICONs also have the opportunity to earn $4,000 of publicly-traded eXp World Holdings company stock split into two equal payments of $2,000 by attending the eXp Shareholder Summit and EXPCON. Exp is putting agents first.

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