What are your choices when building your next home

You have two choices when building a home, a production home or a custom home.
A production home is typically constructed by a regional or national builder. They build a large number of homes with a limited number of floor plans and design options. You may have some structural choices but will be limited to the predetermined changes the builder offers. For many people, a production home is advantageous because the volume of homes being constructed by the builder allows them to offer more competitive pricing and will generally have a shorter build time.
However, if you want to build your dream home and don’t want to be confined by the limitation of options imposed by a builder, you may be better suited for a custom home. A custom home is one-of-a-kind, built to meet the needs and desires of the homeowner. Custom home builders may build your home from one of their floor-plans and make any changes based on the home buyer’s needs. Alternatively, the buyer may also work directly with an architect and design the home from the ground up. The home buyer chooses any finish styles or colors they desire. This process is an investment of both time and money as there will be many decisions to be made by the home buyer.
Choosing a custom home builder is a process and you will want to choose someone that builds a quality home, understands your vision, and is focused on delivering you your dream home.
If buying or building a production home or a custom home, it is important to have a Real Estate professional by your side to assist with the process and help you make informed decisions. Remember, your home is an investment.


Production or Custom