Months Supply of Homes in the Triangle

Months Supply of Homes is a statistic indicating the current inventory of homes. It is defined as "the length of time required to deplete the current supply of homes on the market, if no more new homes were added to the market".

Common opinion is that a six month supply of homes is an indicator of a "healthy" market. That is, the market is neither a "buyer's market" or a "seller's market". Time deviations away from a six month supply indicate the strength of a particular market. For example, a one month supply of home would be considered a very strong seller's market.

A precaution when reading these data, these data are for all home values and all homes listed on Triangle MLS. There are significant variations in month supply data based on home value and on location. Thus, these data are for understanding the overall market and may not accurately reflect a specific market within the Triangle area.

The graphic is interactive, place the cursor anywhere on the line to find the value for an individual months data.